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Our efforts are far greater than simply offshoring and education!

We consider our programs of social responsibility to be paramount to the success of our business, ensuring communities ultimately benefit from our actions.

As a humanitarian values based business focused on helping businesses, we are committed to improving the lives of people living in poverty, via our charitable outlet, the Smart Offshoring School, the Smart Offshoring School is a tangible way to express our faith in these two very powerful charitable programs:

Free Education.

We donate a minimum of 10 percent of our student placements at no charge to the underprivileged and;


By Microfranchising the Smart Offshoring School, we leverage the basic concepts of traditional franchising, but it is especially focused on creating opportunities for the world’s developing countries, so people can own and manage their own Smart Offshoring School with our support.” Our objective is to promote economic success by developing sound business models and by providing self-employment opportunities to those who can help us achieve our Free Education charitable program.

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